As I write this I’ve got my nuts in my hand and Absolute 90’s on the radio. Just another productive Tuesday evening then with my post workout snack. Travis are on with a cracking song from The Man Who, ‘Why does it always rain on me!’, very apt as I stare out the window and watch two drips racing down the window. It feels like it’s been permanently raining for weeks now and with so much training it could be very restrictive especially with the dark nights… so having my CompuTrainer is awesome!

I’ve a number of mates that are currently training for a number of events; they’re either going out when it’s borderline freezing, with torrential rain or during Hurricane Henry and risking their safety or, if they’re being sensible, they’re staying indoors and leaving the training. Both have their own Pro’s and Con’s, however, if you have no internal trainer the former is usually the option of choice as, very much like myself, the guilt of not training consumes you and you get the ‘missing out’ feeling. Fortunately, as you know, I’ve a CompuTrainer and I’m really beginning to reap the rewards and feel the benefits.

I’ve literally just got off the bike in my kitchen having completed a VO2 Interval Session. As per the previous blog, I had recently completed by 1st FTP test and it gave me my NP of 258W. This session involved 5×4 min intervals holding 115% of the NP so really trying to hold 298W for each interval. It was an incredibly tough set, but this is the second week of this type of set and I’m already feeling stronger. The beauty of the CompuTrainer is that by working with Power my HR is looking after itself. You can also use the Ergo function which takes the thought out of the session. This literally adjusts the resistance if your cadence was to tail off and vice versa. It means you can actually close your eyes, put your head down, sweat and scream! It’s phenomenal.

The warm-up

The aftermath

Since using the CompuTrainer, I’ve been out for several longer weekend rides when it’s been dry and those that have been out with me previously have all commented on the progression they’ve seen. This is great feedback as my legs feel strong. I feel I’ve more power on the flat for longer periods and I feel strong on climbs.

Last season I had an incident on black ice just outside my house, so safety for me on the bike is paramount. I won’t risk going out if the conditions are questionable, now many people could often say ‘man-up’ or refer to me a ‘soft southerner’ (they may be right) but I do not want to put my training back and miss further sessions through injury. This is where the CompuTrainer is priceless to me. That coupled with the varied training provided by Simon Ward ( and the fact i’m now able to work with power makes every session hugely beneficial. I’d say enjoyable, but the enjoyment is often found at the end of the session and not during.

My training split for the last week looks something like this:

I have to thank my family for all their support. You simply cannot put in the hours without this. I also have an amazing 3 year old boy called Bear. I love being an inspiration to him and spending all the time I can with him. This means early morning runs and swims and late evening CompuTrainer sessions. We’ve got a plan that works for us all and for that I owe so much thanks to Simon Ward again. Not only does he supply me with a plan, but he also takes in to account my personal life and stresses the importance of balance.

My swimming is also coming on really well. Since Christmas I’ve really got the consistency back in my training and it’s no coincidence I’m now seeing the improvement, especially after the workshop last year. The swimming is very much geared around the Leeds Masters Sessions at The John Charles Centre. I cannot begin to thank Alan and Alan enough for the sessions they supply us with and the words of ‘encouragement’ they often share and tips they can supply. Only this morning was I greeted with the motivational words… “Just f**king do it!” ‘JFDI. That may not work for all, but for me, it’s perfect at times. I’m definitely putting in the hours, with 2 x 1 hour sessions throughout the week and a 2hr session on a Saturday morning.

Feedback would be appreciated here with what I’m about to say next… views and comments appreciated!

I’ve looked and looked and scoured the web and have also spoken to my coach on this one, but another area I’m seeing some great improvement is my running. This is the stronger of my 3 disciplines in the sport. Again I’ve got the consistency and I’m a massive fan of the drills and sticking to the relevant sessions rather than simply pulling on my trainers and running out the house, but since I’ve been using the CompuTrainer and working to Power, my running has improved dramatically (in my eyes). If anyone can share any info or data to support his I’d be keen to read this and explore it further. My endurance runs, although quicker are more comfortable, my tempo runs and quicker and sustainable. My cadence is also now at 180 and it’s so comfortable! Together with the swimming, this is another area of my training that’s not effected by the conditions. Last week I set off when it was a beautiful late afternoon… this is how it was when I got home!

Up next I have Wokingham half marathon and then the Brutal Duathlon. I’ve then Ironman Austria, the Long Course Weekend in Tenby and then Ironman Wales. I love Tenby and cannot wait to go. It’s a town we visit each year as a family and when I watched Phil Wilson and Matt Lawrence last year I just had to sign up too. I even gave the swim a go while I was down there.

I’m the one on the left
I’ve also been reading a number of books recently. Born to Run, Running with the Kenyans, Essentialism, The Hinge and currently Mental Combat. If you’re into Sports Psychology this is worth a read and it’s a quick one to rattle through. I want to look at all areas of my training, including the mind. This a good start.

Sleep, Strength Training and Stretching are also high on my agenda and in full swing. I’ll discuss these in more detail next time and also follow up on the books in more detail. In the meantime, please do comment on this blog with any other recommendations!

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Thanks for reading.