The joys of being an Age Grouper! Full-time employment and find the room for training?! Check! Father to an awesome 3 year old toddler! Find the room for swimming, skateboarding, sword fighting, ninjas etc…?! Of Course!! Husband to an incredible woman… I definitely try!

For 11 months of the year this is manageable. I make the time, I’m disciplined and I find the gaps and with the help of my my coach… it works… but… Christmas comes but once a year and with the job I have that involves entertaining customers, thanking them for their custom, their support and the continued relationship throughout 2016 and beyond… that’s tough. I live in West Yorkshire and my customers are predominantly based in London. It’s party season so we’re drinking, eating and I’m having to travel a lot to fit around their busy schedules and my own. It requires discipline but it’s tough. I’ve learnt, if you miss a session, you miss a session, with all the other plates being kept spinning I will never find it again. I’ve also got to keep my family the priority, they’re my support unit and without this support, it would be so much harder. Roll on January!!!!

My plan is now updated and takes me in to the new year and it looks incredible. Having a coach really does take the added stress away. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

So far this week, I’ve made swimming, strength training and a run and….. woooooooooooooo the bike!! Cometh the hour, Cometh the CompuTrainer!!

If any of you use a Turbo Trainer, I am sure you’re only too aware of the monotony that can come with the indoor training rides. The winter has a lot of them in store that’s for sure. It’s always been my preferred method mid week as it certainly builds mental strength, an area in sport I’ve always been a massive fan of. I also like the fact you have to keep your legs spinning for the duration of the session. The CompuTrainer, however, has now allowed me to take that to the next level. It’s obsessive and time goes quicker than ever. It’s not even the different virtual courses you can ride, it’s not the real life race settings you can drop into… it’s SpinScan it’s Power…. It’s addictive and more importantly, It’s making a difference. You will find over the coming Blogs when I love something, it becomes and obsession I talk about it a lot! I make no apologies for this and if any of you have ever heard me talk about the NutriBullet, you’ll know what I mean. I should be on commission for them, they’re amazing! Check them out oh and while I’m at it…. check this out too…

So the problem that comes with finding the time, is that the time you find is not often ‘normal’. My session this week resulted in finishing at 10:30pm…. sleep after a good session is not normally hard to come by, but when the session is on the CompuTrainer, your HR is up and it takes a while to shutdown… you then have to get up early for the swim or run. I love this sport!! As I complete more sessions on the CompuTrainer I’ll give some feedback and updates of my progress through power etc.

I’ve an FTP test to look forward to with the Coach and some other athletes so that will be a lot of fun and competitive! . They’ve certainly set the bar high with a Kona qualifier among us.

So in addition to my new found CompuTrainer obsession, I recently had a Swim Workshop and although there’s clearly been some improvement since I started, I’ve got a huge opportunity to make a lot of improvement here. The next couple of weeks are going to see me working on technique and drills before the hard work commences post Christmas. Up until now it looks as though I’ve continued to work on my sighting (based on how far my head is still coming out of the water when I breath!) but sadly that’s not the case I just to keep it in the water! That’s just the beginning… more on my swimming next time!