As 2015 quickly reaches a conclusion, it not only closes the curtain on my 1st season in Triathlon, but it also raises the curtain and bar for the 2016 season ahead!

2015 was quite a journey; it began with learning to swim, a skill that’s still very much in it’s infancy, but I can assure you, if you’re ever down the pool with me, I’m not drowning, that’s a technique I’m fine tuning. The early adopted and at times erratic technique saw me get to the finish lines for the following events. It started with a Duathlon in Leicestershire, a penultimate even in Bolton and the finale in Scotland!

Dambusters Duathlon – 2:31:21
Skipton Sprint Triathlon – 1:21:07
Keswick Long Course – 2:40:53
Dambusters Triathlon – 2:22:11
Ironman UK – 11:44:02
Ben Nevis, Braveheart – 6:29:00

There’s not one of the above events I would not recommend and there were highlights and experiences I have taken from them all!

Dambusters Duathlon – My first competitive race with transitions. “So that’s what happens! How is everyone so much quicker than me”
Skipton Sprint Triathlon – My first swim event. “So that’s what it feels like to ride after a swim”
Keswick Long Course – My first Open Water Swim. “Why didn’t anyone give me the heads up about the carnage going around the Buoys”
Dambusters Triathlon – 2:22:11 That’s how it feels to have nothing left. “I wish they’d slow down! I was too competitive on the run, resulting in a sub 10k; over the moon! But that’s how it feels to have nothing left… I love it”
Ironman UK – An odd one. My Coach paced me perfectly so finished feeling strong! Now I know how it feels to race for almost 12 hours, and swim in the rain. “Dan Williams, you are an Ironman”
Ben Nevis, Braveheart – The one where I gave everything. This really is Beauty and the Beast. This gave me all the ups and downs I was hoping for from Ironman. “I’ll never do that again… Or will I?”

My family were so supportive throughout all my training and provided motivation during the dark nights and were with me at every race and for this I am so grateful!

A massive massive thank you has to go out to Simon Ward of who, even after watching me swim thought I had something to work with and has pivotal throughout my training. I cannot speak highly enough about the relationship that’s developed over the last 12 months and takes every aspect of my life into consideration when updating my plan. This journey simply would not be the same without the support of Simon. I’d like to think I repay this with the consistency in my training and the effort I give each session as its required. I think my performances in my first season are also testament to the plans support and my application.

The area I have to work on this season has to be Swimming, Cycling and Listening. That is listening to myself and my body. There were too many times last season when I’d push through a cold only to be then suffering for longer than I had to. I’ve learnt that the rest is as important as the training itself. Lesson learnt and I’m now writing this on the back of a mini recovery from what can only be described as severe/acute man flu. So tomorrow we’re back! I’ve just checked my updated plan on Training Peaks and tomorrow is looking good! Cycling! And based on the weather outside, I’m staying in!

I am now the proud owner of a CompuTrainer! I’ve never been a bike enthusiast so I’ve got my work cut out to try and catch up the other guys as I lose to much time on this section of a race! The best bit about being a Novice are the gains you can make! Now I get to work with power and monitor my technique and my left and right side, my balance, with SpinScan! It’s addictive and the data becomes an obsession. It certainly beats the turbo trainer and keeps the winter nights safer; you don’t get the gains when you’re laid up injured! If it’s good enough for Tim Don, it’s good enough for me! I’m going to heavily monitor and share my gains over the coming months as I am expecting the results to be worth shouting about!

So far for 2016 I’ve 3 events planned and booked up:

The Brutal Duathlon – Dorset
Ironman Austria
Ironman Wales

I look forward with keeping you all updated with my progress!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. With a bit of luck my blogging skills will improve alongside my training. Sadly I’ve nothing like the CompuTrainer to help so I will have to rely on consistency!