This is a blog taken from almost 12 months ago.  I wanted to start here to share the journey over the past 12 months – November 14th 2017.

Great to be back

It was great to be back.

Well done Suz, pat on the back, you made two good decisions.

One was to borrow Jill’s mountain bike and get myself over to Coed Y Brenin for the Always Aim High off-road duathlon on Sunday 12th November.

The second, was to spend the one pound coin, found under the car seat on a 3 minute hot shower, post race in the Coed Y Brenin Visitors center. There is nothing like the feeling of hot water, when covered in mud, after blasting around on wet, muddy, rocky trails in the November wind and rain. It was a close call between a cake, a cuppa or a shower, but the shower won.

 I have not raced since the Tri122 Lanzarote race in March, my write up on the sharks, lava and watt bombs can be read here .  As since I have had my haglunds deformity treated with an operation on my bone spur and spent more time on the sofa than out and about enjoying the great outdoors.

I started running again in October, 10 minutes round the block as a combination of run/walks. My foot ached, my lungs hurt and boy did i feel unfit! But I gradually felt a little better every time I put my running trainers on. When I saw the off road duathlon debut race at Coed Y Brenin organised by Always Aim High, I thought it would be a great first event back.

I choose the Sprint distance (5.7km run, 15km bike, 1.7km run). I had just managed my first 5km run the week before, so I thought any thing more would really be pushing it. My focus had been on building up the frequency of running, getting my body use to running again, I kept the time/ distance low but built of the frequency, I decided that putting on  my trainers and headed out the door regularly was the way forward. I was keen to run 4 x a week for 10 minutes a piece instead of run one day for 30 minutes and then be unable to run again for several days. And it started working, my foot would ache less and less, I got a bit further on the trials before having to turn round and my lungs started to feel like mine instead of a smokers!

Quote from Headspace App following a 10 minute meditation session

Why enter an event when you are so far away for fitness?

It’s fun

The simple answer.

It was also a chance to enjoy  the magic of Snowdonia, for those who have read previous blog, you will know Snowdonia steals my heart, as highlighted in this blog “Slateman steals my heart (again) #3inarow

It was a chance to reward myself for all the rehab and gym work and the turning around on the trails, when all I wanted to do was keep running and exploring the autumn delights. It was a chance to remember the feeling of lining up on a start line, of waking up at the crack of dawn to drive miles with a car full of kit and to remember what it feels like to cycle and run up and down at a more intense speed.

Cheers Tim, you do know how to create a tough race course!

 I surprise 3rd place in the Sprint race.

A big THANK YOU to Jill for lending me her mountain bike, one quick spin probably wasn’t sufficient mountain bike training but hey, it got me round. Just, that uphill rocky narrow path that had tuned into a river on the bike route, was pretty challenging. I am sure my downhill technique of ‘hope for the best’ could be improved.

And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support me, sticking with me and being patient while I was recovering from the foot operation and now, looking ahead into 2018. You guys are ace.

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If you are over coming injury or illness, remember, it’s just a set back and there is always light at the end of the tunnel